Groundplay strives to empower children with cognitive, neurological, physical and emotional/behavioral challenges, to overcome daily struggles and achieve goals by increasing awareness, defining tools, and optimizing development.

Our NE Portland based private practitioners work with a common goal; to make personal connections with each child and his or her family through direct therapy and education.





Empower children and adolescents to overcome daily challenges and achieve long term goals by increasing awareness, defining goals, and creating action plans for successful engagement across environments. 



Make personal connections and individually serve each client’s unique needs and goals through practice and empowerment, while simultaneously engaging the parents during the process for a better understanding of their child’s pathway for success.



 We build positive and personal relationships from the first contact. Working together with you and your child, we create treatment plans ranging from  therapy in our sensory gym in NE Portland to your home, your community, and to your child’s school. We attempt to meet the needs of each family.